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Our Program

Science Adventure Kids, Inc. approaches science through two paths. The first is with in-class days that explore as many topics as possible, allowing the kids to pave their own paths and what topics they want to delve deeper into. The second is through field trips throughout the Major Metropolitan area, giving the kids a chance to see the concepts they learn applied in the real world. STEM is incorporated organically in our teachings - we believe this is our way of ensuring a future of sound-minded, broadly informed adults.

Science, engineering, and technology influence and permeate every aspect of modern life. Some knowledge of science and engineering is required to engage with the major public policy issues of today as well as to make informed everyday decisions. In addition, understanding science and the extraordinary insights it has produced can be meaningful and relevant on a personal level, opening new worlds to explore and offering lifelong opportunities for enriching people's lives. In these contexts, learning science is important for everyone, even those who eventually choose careers in other fields.

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