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Science Teacher Sarah


Science Adventure Kids 

Is extending a very special invite to

two and three year olds.


Science Sprouts 


is a small group by reservation only 

We welcome you and your child to attend for



Two Tuesdays a month!

April 18th, May 2nd and 16th

At 10:30 am, 30 mins


Children and their adults are to be present for the group for at least the first session as everyone acclimates.


Some of the hands-on things we’ll explore in our group will be Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Fossils, Rockets, States of Matter, Bubble Science, Kitchen Chemistry

and so much more!

Reserve your spot today, space is limited.


We will be keeping the group small to maintain the integrity of the experience.  With enough interest, we will add other time slots.


If you would like to join us more than twice per month, inquire with our office to find out how.


Please contact our office to reserve your spot


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