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School Year Adventures


     School’s out?  The adventure is in!  We’ve got all your public school holidays covered.  And if you’ve got days off that aren’t on our schedule, let us know, with enough interest, we just might add them.

      We are so excited to engage your Jr. Scientist with dynamic demos, hands-on science experiments and plenty of playing all day long. 

       Contact our office to get on our email list, so we can keep you up to date on all of our latest adventures!

Science Teacher Sarah


Science Adventure Kids

Invite you along for science adventures 

throughout the year.

Please join us for…


Thursday April 6  Whose tracks are those?  Sometimes they leave tracks in the snow, but as spring approaches we’ll see those tracks in the mud or even tracked onto the sidewalk.  Let’s inspect them and figure out who walks by when we aren’t looking!



Friday April 7  Sweet, sweet science.  Have you ever wondered how different candies are created?  We’ll create and build a bit of our own.  

Wait until you see how pyramids, cubes and tetrahedrons are a big part of today’s adventure.  My hypothesis is that this is sure to be delicious!


Monday April 10  From seed to sprout to plant or tree, let’s take a look at how they come to be.  Join us in the germination station, as we explore the wonderful world of PLANTS!


Tuesday April 11  Come rock with us, as we dig deep beneath the surface in search of rock formations, geodes, crystals, and minerals. Geology is calling, let’s go!  There are layers and layers of fun to be explored.


Wednesday April 12  These mysterious marine animals are highly advanced and organized.  Deep dive with us into the world of cephalopods!  We’ll figuratively meet many members of the molluscan class.  Squid!  Octopus!  Cuttlefish!  Nautilus!  These many fascinating sea friends have much to share about life beneath the waves.


Thursday April 13  Oh the spectrum of light, different wavelengths of energy produced from a light source give us a rainbow of colors.  Let’s break it down like a prism and get this light show going. 


Friday April 14  Fermented foods play an essential role in digestion.  Let us get pickling to see the microbes at work while we discuss the nutrition and anatomy of it all.  Pickle this, ferment that, we’ve gone wild with the microbes!


Friday April 21  Bioluminescence is found around the world in a variety of living organisms.  An aesthetically astonishing phenomenon!  Can you think of any?  Are there any in New York?  What makes them glow?  What evolutionary purpose do think this serves?


Thursday June 8  A walk along the beach uncovers signs of sea life for us to ponder.  What’s in a seashell?  Or what was?  What information can we extract from this evidence?


Monday June 19  Geysers are an incredible natural phenomenon to behold.  We’ll get to the bottom (and then the top) of just how and why they work.  And then, we’ll simulate one right here!


And the excitement continues from

June 19 throughout the summer full of adventures!


Is your school closed on a different date? Contact us, with enough interest, we are always happy to accommodate!

And remember, we’ve not only got your days off, 

but after-school classes as well.

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