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14th St between 6th and 7th Ave is the site of Science Teacher Sarah’s classroom.

Open the door and the magic begins! Look around and spy our butterfly specimens, but that’s just the start. From the floor to the ceiling there are hundreds of exciting things to look at and learn about. The classroom area has hardwood floors that can take a messy experiment!

Just a tiny cross-section of our amazing classroom specimens and visual tools include Boney Betty, evolution skulls, Hairy Terri the Tarantula, minerals, cathedral geodes, Darth Gator, dragonflies, anatomy models, Yurick the Skull, dragons, fairies, butterflies, and models of our solar system.

Even our bathroom is packed with nonliving specimens! Our ocean-themed bathroom has sea urchins, sea stars, sponges, sea fans, lots of coral, and even a pufferfish!

The animal/toy room has tons of great, Jr. Scientist-approved toys! Not to mention all of the wonderful live animals. We’ve adopted hermit crabs, snails, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, Charlotte the tarantula, parakeets, plenty of frogs and turtles, Stanley the Aztec corn snake, Buddy the albino Burmese python and more!

Finally, the Short-Wave Cave is truly a sight for your eyes, filled with short-wave light that makes certain colors fluoresce! We have surprises inside as well as handmade artwork from our Jr. Scientists!

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