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Free Events


     Science Adventure Kids has so much love for our community.  One of our favorite ways to show you is by having fabulous FREE events.  We host a plethora of themed celebrations throughout the year.

     Contact our office to get on our email list, so we can keep you up to date on all of our latest FREE events!

Science Teacher Sarah


Science Adventure Kids 

Are so excited to invite YOU & A FRIEND to an extraordinary event:

Eclipse Extravaganza


A FREE Event 

Join us on

Sunday, February 25


Your choice of 

2 pm  Or  4 pm

Bring Your Friends!


An eclipse is coming!  An eclipse is coming! 

Are you ready for it? Do you know what’s coming?  Is it lunar or solar?  

Do you know the difference?  

Come and explore this fascinating

topic with us and 

Science Teacher Sarah 

will answer all these questions and more!


We have FREE tickets for you

while supplies last.

Please RSVP promptly as space is limited.


Science Teacher Sarah

is so happy to be able to extend 

this invitation for friends old and new.

Recommended age range: 

4 - 10 years age range 


We can’t wait to see you and 

we can’t wait to meet your friends!!!


You must register in advance!


RSVP Today by contacting our office at





Add science to your story time with

Science Teacher Sarah.

Would you love to have the eclipses explained and explored in your classroom?

Science Teacher Sarah would love to come

and enlighten your whole class on this or a plethora of other topics.


Did you know that  Science Teacher Sarah

visits school for free?  

Science Teacher Sarah can really shed some light on the topic of eclipses, but that’s not all, she can cover an endless variety of subjects and so many class ages or sizes.  Whether you can or can’t attend this FREE event, how about asking your teacher if they want a FREE visit to the classroom to enhance the fun and learning?


Science Teacher Sarah can tell incredible stories of Isaac Newton and Madame Curie!  Would you like her to come to your child’s class for free and provide some educational fun in many themes, subjects, and stories?  Contact your child’s teacher and ask if they would like some extra science fun for free!  


Enhance your classroom lesson,

With an exciting scientific demonstration.


Contact us about


Storytime Science!


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