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We understand that due to the current situation, not everyone is able to join us for our in-person sessions. Despite this, we remain committed to bringing science to your kids even in the comfort of your home.


We are currently offering virtual sessions every Tuesday at 4 PM EST.

Price: $15

Contact us at to register your child.

Below are the next themes planned for the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 4 

Thomas Edison: The Sound of a Great Inventor

Thomas Edison has a very widespread influence on the world as we know it. He has been noted as responsible for the invention of the phonograph, the alkaline storage battery, AND the lightbulb.  But what really goes into a great invention? Some key factors include research, innovation, and teamwork.

Tuesday, August 11 

Flight & Aviation

Let's talk about the history, allure, and mechanics of flight and aircrafts. Humans have had an unquenchable yearning to fly throughout history. Discover who helped us reach that goal and who broke barriers once we were there.

Tuesday, August 18 

Human Evolution: Finding Lucy

Have I got a theory for you! Evolution! 

But we’ll start way past the water and crawl up on land, beginning at the part where our apelike ancestors roamed the Earth. What would happen over the next six million or so years? Why did they change? And who found Lucy, the missing link, in Ethiopia?


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