Summer 2021 Schedule

Tues/Thurs are used to explore themes presented throughout the week by guest experts, workshops, and student inquiry. We follow student-led questions into hands-on projects and experiments. Students also have the opportunity to visit our on-site animal menagerie, explore our short wave cave (GID), and play in our backyard space. Mon/Wed/Fri themes are listed below.

Week 1 June 28 to July 2nd


Monday, June 28th Molecules      
Molecules are everywhere, but they're too small to see! Science Teacher Sarah will break down the chemistry of our tiny friends as we explore their complex nature. 

Wednesday, June 30th Rivers and Estuaries 
What exactly is the difference? How are they interconnected? Salty or Fresh? Today, we will answer those questions and so much more.  


Friday, July 2nd Slime day!
How many kinds of slime can be made? Can they be edible? Let’s find out!

Week 2 July 5th to July 9th

Monday, July 5th Simple Circuits. 
Create your own flashlight and learn all about the electrifying world of simple circuits.

Wednesday, July 7th The Way Our Brain Senses Information 
Join us to explore the inner workings of our most important organ - the brain.

Friday, July 9th  Lucy the Australopithecus
Journey back in time to explore the world of the world's most famous early human ancestor "LUCY"!!  Our favorite Australopithecus was born over 3.2 million years ago.

Week 3 July 12 to July 16th

Monday, July 12th Carbon day          
Carbon, element number 6, today we will experiment with a discussion all things carbon, from the structure of diamonds to carbon dating!

Wednesday, July 14th Magnetism
Today we will be attracted to magnetism and we will learn how to find iron everywhere. Even some unusual places - such as breakfast and beaches?

Friday, July 9th Volcanoes 
Volcanoes and Magma will delight our science adventurers as we tell the stories of earth's fiery friends. We will create our own lava and watch as it gushes from our homemade volcanoes.  

Week 4 July 19th to July 23rd

Monday, July 19th Simple Machines 
Simple machines are all around us making our lives run. They all make work easier and have few or no moving parts. Let us show you the fun of simple machines in our classroom.      

Wednesday, July 21st What's the weather?
Hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards, what is at the heart of these events? Updrafts! What are they? How are they created? Let's explore.

Friday, July 23rd Biodiversity
The variety of life on Earth and how they affect each other in their ecosystem and beyond.

Week 5 July 26th to July 30th


Monday, July 26th Flight: Bernoulli's Principle   
People have always understood that flight was possible from observing birds. Bernoulli’s principle helps explain that an aircraft can achieve lift because of the shape of its wings. Join us in understanding how Bernoulli’s principle allowed mankind to fly with the birds.

Wednesday, July 28th Acids and Bases  
Acids and bases are everywhere. Every liquid you see will have either acidic or basic traits. We discover how to identify acids and bases to make chemical reactions!

Friday, July 30th Bees 
Today we will be busy bees learning about our hardworking friends. They are pollinators, make food, and create wax. Today we explore how they impact our world.

Week 6 August 2nd to August 6th

Monday, August 2nd Lava Lamps  
Lava lamps are the best way to observe natural convection. The way heat rises is constant in so many experiments. Join us on these experiments to prove this point!

Wednesday, August 4th Bubbles Puffs
We will use our best engineering skills to create new ways of blowing bubbles.

Friday, August 6th Spy Science: Fingerprints 
Sh-h-h-h-h-h!!.... top Secret... crack the code of super spy science fun! Discover how spies use science to keep - or uncover - top secrets. Learn how to go undercover on this spectacular day.

Week 7 August 9th to August 13th

Monday, August 9th Archaeology      
Digging in the ground can uncover so much more than you think. Learn how ancient peoples and their belongings can help us unlock the secrets of the past.

Wednesday, August 11th Constellations, Nebulas, and Heavenly Bodies  
Where are stars born? What is a black hole or a supernova? Today we follow the life cycle of these heavenly bodies.

Friday, August 13th Circulation
Anatomy has never been this fun. Science Teacher Sarah will take you on a trip through the circulatory system, the workings of our organs, and how it all functions together.

Week 8 August 16th to August 20th

Monday, August 16th Oxidation
Did you ever wonder why the Statue of Liberty is Green? Today, we will answer that question and more on the process of oxidation.

Wednesday, August 18th Catapult Day
Today we will explore the physics of the catapult. Catapults have been used for thousands of years and come in all shapes and sizes. Let's build and test our very own catapults!

Friday, August 20th August Anatomy: Digestion
Does anyone want to know what happens when you swallow? What happens next? And how does food get to the end-stage? We will appropriately answer all questions about the expression of our digestion.

Week 9 August 23rd to August 27th

Monday, August 23rd Magma
Magma fills the earth! Today we will fill our buckets of homemade magma for a hands-on understanding of the properties of this non-Newtonian fluid.

Wednesday, August 25th Chocolate Day
Chocolate grows on trees! Where? What kind? How do we harvest it?  Let’s learn all the good and bad of this tasty treat.

Friday, August 27th Marine mammals  
Marine mammals have the same characteristics as all other mammals, but they have adapted to living all or part of their life in the ocean.  Let’s learn more about our mammalian cousins today with our fascinating classroom projects.

Week 10 August 30th to September 3rd


Monday, August 30th Solar Power Day 
Let’s explore solar-powered energy together. “Solar” is the Latin word for “sun” and it's an incredibly powerful source of energy. 

Wednesday, September 1st Life in Outer Space
Imagine visiting the International Space Station. How would you get there? What would you wear? How would you eat? Let’s find out! 

Friday, September 3rd Ice Cream
I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream science adventure! After an awesome summer of discovery, we’ll celebrate by learning some of the many ways ice cream is made and, of course, we’ll delight in eating some too.