We've spent time making sure the entire classroom is properly sterilized. Below are the newest changes we've made to ensure the safest and cleanest environment for the kids.


  1. For the time being, we are not going to be partaking in any field trips. Instead we will be staying in our classroom to ensure the maximum safety of everyone.

  2. We have implemented a new sidewalk drop-off policy, so that we can keep the number of people entering and exiting the classroom to a minimum. Parents will drop-off and sign-in their kids with our staff downstairs and will then be escorted to the classroom.

  3. We expect parents, guardians and caregivers to use good judgement by keeping students home if they are showing symptoms or have potentially been exposed.

  4. Before entering the classroom, all staff and students will have their temperature checked at the curb. If there is any indication of a fever, they will not be allowed to join class for the day.

  5. As soon as they enter, learners will wash their hands.

  6. Masks will be worn by staff members at all times. Students will be strongly encouraged to wear masks as well.

  7. We will ensure that there are at least three thorough hand-washing sessions for the entire class for all day sessions. For shorter sessions, we will determine what is needed.

  8. Social distancing will be strongly encouraged during class time, play time and/or lunch time.

  9. The staff will be required to wear gloves when passing out snacks or lunch assistance.

  10. All water and snacks will be served in one-use, disposable cups.

  11. Many projects or experiments will be altered to avoid spread of microbes. We can add soap to many experiments.

  12. Hand sanitizer will be offered regularly for anyone who needs it and to everyone prior to a hand on projects.

  13. As often as possible, we will be utilizing our backyard space.    

  14. The classroom will be cleaned at the end of each day.

  15. Please remember Sarah has been very strict about hand washings and other safety rules in the past, so our team is well practiced at keeping your children safe and happy.


Please remember Science Teacher Sarah has been very strict about hand washings and other safety rules in the past, so our team is well-practiced at keeping your children safe and happy.

Email us at sarah@scienceteachersarah.com for any questions or concerns.